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May, 5th 2000

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Strouds Ultimate Winsock

Abit Computer Corp Motherboard manufacturer.
AIR Advanced Integration Research,
Amptron Motherboard manufacturer.
AMI American Megatrends Motherboard/BIOS manufacturer.
ASUS Motherboard manufacturer.
DFI Motherboard manufacturer.
FIC USA (First Int'l Computer)Motherboard information page.
Giga-byte Technology Motherboard manufacturer.
Intel Motherboard manufacturer.
Micro Star Motherboard Manufacturer
Pc Chips Group Motherboards (VIP, Hsin-tech?) page.
QDI Quality Design Innovation.
Soyo USA Soyousa motherboard info.
SuperMicro Supermicro motherboard info.
Tyan Motherboard manufacturer.

Mfg's Web Sites:

3com / US Robotics
Acer America
ADI Monitors
Advanced Micro Devices
ATI Technologies
Bus Logic, Inc.
Creative Labs
Digiview Monitors
Diamond Multimedia Systems
Exabyte ( Tape Drives )
Fujitsu Hard Drives
Goldstar Electronics
Hitachi International Ltd.
Hewlett Packard
IBM Corporation
Intel Corporation
Jaton Corporation
Jetta International (Notebooks)
Mag Monitors
Matrox Graphics
Maxtor Corp.
NEC Corp.
Mitisumi Electronics
Number Nine Graphics
Panasonic Inc.
Tripplite Power Protection
Western Digital

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